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Your world: a place where product launches precede products, extraordinary demands are common, and perfect lighting fades without warning.

Welcome to Bending Light where a new CGI reality is taking shape. Here conceptual products are created with photo-realistic precision, logistically impossible locations are rendered possible. The work of 3D artists, high-end retouchers and top photographers seamlessly blend, and pioneering “virtual light capture” recreates location lighting anytime, anywhere.

To see how we are rendering the automotive, advertising, entertainment, design and manufacturing industries in a new light, contact us today.

Bending Light.    Reality. Rendered.



To promote the release of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty MW3 edition, Bending Light created two worlds. The current ad campaign features a photo-real rendering of the Jeep in both a rugged terrain and the virtual streets of war-torn Europe.

At night, the billboards transform into a night-vision view of the Jeep in the C.O.D. game world. As seen in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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